Our Social Promise

Education is a human right, protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is crucial to ensure that nearly four billion girls and women around the world have the same chances to receive an education as boys and men. The systematic exclusion of girls and women from school and the labor force translates into a less educated workforce, inefficient allocation of labor, lost productivity and consequently diminished progress in economic development.

One of the most effective ways to fight poverty and bolster disadvantaged communities is through investing in girls’ education. Schooling is a precursor for women and girls to stand up to the injustices they face and can help foster economic growth and stability. Studies show that increasing the number of girls benefitting from education has a positive effect on a country’s per capital economic growth.

Simplifi will fund one year of education for a girl in a disadvantaged country for every funded home loan . We will cover the cost of sending a student to school for a year (which includes tuition, uniforms, supplies and other needs). We believe that education has the power to alter the lives of disadvantaged girls and women by giving them the skills to succeed.

Modern Mortgages

Simplifi loans is revolutionizing the home loan process with:


Simplifi combines the latest technology and unique customer service to provide a simple, stress-free experience. We utilize proprietary technology to allow customers to manage their entire loan process on this website. You save money by directly participating in the process on-line. Technology also helps keep you updated on every step of the loan process so you are never in the dark. Customers can manage as little or as much of the loan process online. Many customers find it convenient to apply online. Documents can be e-signed and closings can be conducted at a convenient location.

Our mortgage consultants spend as much time as our customers need. We are there at every step of the process, helping our customers understand how the loan process works. We are “hands on” keeping our customers apprised of each step from application to closing. There is only one team throughout the entire process.

We strive to simplify and de-stress the process for the customer. We maintain the highest levels of integrity, transparency and professionalism. Every Simplifi team member will listen to our customers to understand their goals. We always place our customers first and remain focused on doing what is best for them.