Alvin responds immediately to questions and concerns. Even as I worked odd hours with lots of traveling, Alvin and the team could always be reached and set all the events around my schedule. They are fast and have great rates. While I was signing the closing forms in a hotel lobby at 9pm, Alvin answered his phone to address my questions. He also supports veterans by refunding their appraisal costs from his own pocket.

Dallas, TX

I shopped a few lenders and went with Alvin because he was very transparent and had more options than anyone else. His support staff worked thru the underwriting process and made it so easy. Nothing like stories I have read. I put very little effort out and they did the rest. Closing costs were way less than all other lenders quoted me. I felt like other lenders curiously made my estimated cash to close very close to what I had in the bank. Not Alvin. He got me what I wanted and close was still less than I projected. Alvin always took my calls, even on weekends. I was really lucky to have found him because there are a lot of sharks in the lending water and he is not one.

Mike Carignan
Dallas, TX

This company is a great! Was living in New York and was looking to move to Texas. I submitted my information online and I got an immidiate response from Alvin. The interview was the moment that made me make my decision final. Alvin was such a professional and was actually looking out for me the whole entire time. To good to be true? Well I said the same thing. I had talked to Alvin sometime in the summer of 2015. We were one while year talking like we knew each other for years. He checked on me. Sent me some information about the company. Sometimes he even called just to see how was I doing. Our bond grew and when I met him for the first time, I felt very comfortable and confident that he was looking out for my best interest. Right now I'm living in my new home, with a newborn and my new life. Thanks for all the help and making our dream home a reality.

Dallas, TX